Monday 20 Oct., 2014

General Session

Abel González – Keynote speech: imputability of health effects to low-dose radiation exposure situations (PPT).

Peri Johnson – Opening Address: Developments in Nuclear Law .

Diva Puig Cardoso – Seguridad Nuclear en Latinoamérica. El rol del derecho nuclear. Una propuesta (PPT).

Guilhermina Coimbra – The nuclear power plants stoppage around the world: the differences among Brazil and Fukushima power plants, in Japan (PPT).

Chun-Sheng Chen – Establishment of an East Asian nuclear safety and liability regime .

Kyogi Kawasak – Challenges and Prospects for the Nuclear Safety and Liability Regimes in Japan after Fukushima (PPT).

Radioactive Sources
Cristina Alejandra Domínguez – The Code of Conduct on the safety and security of radioactive sources and the Abbu Dhabi Conference (PPT).

Steve McKintosh – Liability for damage caused by radioactive sources.

Sara Maciel Sánchez – The Mexican case of a stolen radioactive source during December 2013. The actions to be taken in and beyond national borders and the demand of the situation (PPT).

Ivonne María Alonso González / Alma Arnau Fernández – Authorization of practices and activities involved with the use of radioactive sources, Cuban regulatory body experience (PPT).

Sylvain Fanielle / Piotr Andrzejewski – Securing Radiological Materials: Time to have an international Legally Binding Convention?.

Tuesday 21 Oct., 2014
Safety and Licensing

Tobias Heldt- Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its relevance for the nuclear sector (PPT).

Anoeska Buijze, Tijn Kortmann, Caroline Verwijs – Transparency and nuclear law: an instrumental perspective (PPT).

Rasa Ptasekaite – Continuous improvement of nuclear safety and nuclear safety culture: concepts and interaction (PPT) .

L. Kueny / E. Durand-Poudret – La gouvernance internationale de la sureté nucléaire: quelle remise en cause après Fukushima?(PPT)

Jacques Lavoie – The Constitutional duty to consult aboriginal peoples in Canada (PPT).

Daniela Stölzgen – Nuclear phase out and Operator’s rights – the German example (**) (PPT).

Judit Silye – EU initiatives following Fukushima nuclear accident: ammending the nuclear safety directive and establishing the “EU Liability Regime” .

Fortuné Ahoulouma / Laure Chapotet – La convention sur la surété nucléaire: Une convention cadre? / The convention on nuclear safety: a framework convention?

Radioactive Waste Management

Laurence Chabann- Pouzynin – Les déchets radioactifs : Enjeux et débats (PPT).

Nuria Prieto Serrano – The Nuclear Waste Directive: Contents and some reflections on its peer-review mechanism (PPT).

Stanley Berger – Lessons learned from 2013-14 Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) proceedings in Kincardine, Canada .

Gunther Künhe – The German path towards a final nuclear waste repository (PPT).

Tomas Löfgren – Legal and procedural challenges in reviewing the application for a final repository for spent fuel in Sweden (PPT).

Marc Beyens / Godelieve Vandeputte – Providing for decommissioning funds: minimum conditions for adequate funding and comparative analysis (PPT).

Sergey Savin / Leonid Sukhanov – Licensing and regulatory framework of nuclear legacy site decommission project in Russia. Practical feedback .

Radiation Protection

Abel González -Towards a convention on radiation safety and security (PPT).

Gustavo Massera – On the use of international standards guidelines values for radionuclide concentrations in food and drinking water contaminated as a result of a nuclear or radiological accident (PPT).

Mark / Charlotta Sanders – USA EPA and Radiation Protection Standards (PPT)

Ricardo Osores Balettute – New law on radiation protection and radiation safety of people, properties and environment .

Anne-Lise Teani – The revision of the Euratom basic safety standards directive .

Global New Build – Mission in Progress

Graham Alty – Effective contracting mechanisms for nuclear new build (PPT).

Olga Kirillova / Ilya Smirnov – Legal aspects of the BOO model when developing new nuclear power plant and construction projects (PPT).

Maxine Symington – The regulation of international trade in enriched uranium in the new build era.

Aihong Wu / Wei Liu – A study of legal issues relating to public acceptance of nuclear power .

Mission Impossible

Ahab Abdel-Aziz – Obstacles to nuclear power development in emerging/smaller economies.

Wolfram Tonhauser – The role of the IAEA in supporting project development

Stephen Burns – ECA Financing and Challenges.

Vanessa Jakovich – The potential role of small modular reactors in developing economies

Notes :

Note 1 – IAEA financing paper

Note 2 -The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants (NEA paper)

Note 3 – Nuclear Power Development (Final)

Note 4 -Paul Murphy Article – WWL Energy – Print Version

Note 5 -Role of the State in Nuclear Power Development

Nuclear Transport

Khalil Bukhari – WNTI: An overview of regulatory and liability activities(PPT).

Christoph Moench / M. Rutloff – The all-purpose port of the Free and Hanseatic City of Bremen and the prohibition of shipment of nuclear materials .

Khalil Bukhari - Nuclear transport. From chaos to calm in one injunction(PPT).

Kirsty Snape & Joanne Sinar -A nuclear journey, pitfalls and challenges (PPT).

Odette Jankowitsch – Law and practice of international nuclear transport .

Wednesday 22 Oct., 2014

Security and non- proliferation

Carlton Stoiber – Recent developments in nuclear security law (PPT).

Peri Johnson – Gacilitating the entry into force and implementation of the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material: observations, challenges and benefits .

Sonia Drobysz – A new legal tool for States: the national legislation implementation kit on nuclear security (PPT).

Vanda Lamm – New nuclear cases at The Haig Court (PPT).

Vasilka Sancin- An obligation to negotiate in good faith on nuclear disarmament – a customary rule in statu nascendi?

Abdelwahab Biad
– La multilatéralisation du cycle du combustible: à la recherché d’un consensus international entre impératif de non-prolifération et garanties de sécurité énergétique(PPT).

Luc Sintat Mpouma – Les fondements juridiques de la non prolifération des armes nucléaires et son influence sur la gouvernance mondiale .

Thursday 23 Oct., 2014

Nuclear Liability and insurance

Ximena Vázquez-Maignan & Stephen Burns – Progress towards a global nuclear liability regime (PPT).

Pierre Charreton – A necessary optimization of the nuclear liability regimes (PPT).

Marc Beyens – The EU tentative to harmonize nuclear liability among the EU Member States .

Jakub Handrlica – The Protocol of 1997 to amend the Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage: the chance for strengthening the liability framework in Europe .

Vaibhav Saxena – New dimensions and emerging trends .

David McCauley / Jacques Henault – Strengthening Canada’s nuclear liability regime .

Mark Tetley – Nuclear insurance: yesterday, today, tomorrow (PPT).

Peter Cavanaugh – Nuclear property insurance coverage in the United States .

Mikhail Lysenko / Andrey Shkarbanov – Problems and prospects for a global nuclear liability regime .

Kim Sang Won – Recent development in nuclear liability schemes in Korea .

Andrey Shlyakhtov – Allocation of nuclear civil liability during transportation of nuclear materials under different legal regimes .

Evelyne Ameye – US and India, two nuclear states with legislation that truly holds responsible parties liable of a nuclear accident – should have no reason to disagree .

Herkus Gabartas – The challenges for co-existence and harmonization of different nuclear liability regimes in the European Union .

Herkus Gabartas – Recalibrating nuclear liability insurance .